Loose-leaf sachets vs crushed leaf bags; and why loose leaf reigns supreme!

Not all tea is created equal

            Tea is one of life’s true delights. But, in the world of tea, there are good and not-so-good ways to get some camellia sinensis infused joy into your teapot. For an amazing tea experience always choose loose leaf sachets because crushed leaf tea bags may leave you underwhelmed. 

What is so great about loose leaf tea anyway?

            It is important to choose loose and whole leaf tea in your brew. Larger and fuller loose leaves unfurl in hot (or cold if cold brewing) water and release more natural flavor, aroma and for the health-minded, beneficial nutrients. It is important to pay attention to steeping times as they vary with each artisanal blend.

            Larger loose leaves maintain freshness for long periods of time due to their larger surface area while crushed or torn tea leaves go stale at a faster rate. In general loose leaves are higher quality because they are grown, maintained, harvested, processed and packages with care because they are an artisanal high quality product.

            Flavor, aroma, nutrients and quality of tea are very important to Tastings Tea and we recognize that loose leaf tea stands head over shoulders above crushed and torn leaves. But that isn’t all. The sachets we use in packaging our tea leaves are better for your tea and better for the environment. The sachets are organic and biodegradable, and so the materials can be composted, planted and the leaves they contain can enrich your garden. Meanwhile, crushed and torn leaves packaged in bags that may contain microfibers can be harmful to the environment. Once the bags are used, they end up in your local landfill where they take ages to fully decompose, unlike our natural and biodegradable sachets. Loose leaf tea sachets are an ideal way to enjoy a cup of tea.


Drink Wisely.